Friday Favorites: Get The Boot!

I’m a flip-flop girl all summer long, but once fall rolls along, I need to start thinking about what I want in a pair of fall boots. Comfort, warmth, and style are all three necessities when buying a pair of boots. Buying a pair of new shoes is exhilarating, but not if you end up spending more money than your budget allows.

When I buy a good-quality pair of boots for the fall and winter, I wear them for years. Not to mention, I can wear them from September all the way through May.  When I used to purchase boots (or shoes in general), I didn’t think much about the material or the wearability of them; I would just buy cheap boots because they were inexpensive and I liked them. (Plus, what kind of college student has the funds to spend any money on boots? Ramen took precedence.)
Investing in a good pair of boots is my number one fashion recommendation. Your style may change often, but a pair of boots will always be fitting.  If you see a pair of boots that you think are too expensive, think about just how long they’ll last. (I’ve been wearing the same few pair of boots for years now.) Just like you invest in building up your wardrobe, invest in a pair of exceptional fall boots.


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