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Monday Muses: Yves Saint Laurent

Fashion quote by Yves Saint Laurent

Happy Monday! Yes, I used “happy” and “Monday” in the same sentence. Maybe it’s the coffee talking, or maybe it’s the Kit Kats.

After witnessing quite the array of Halloween costumes this weekend, I’ve been thinking about costumes in the content of fashion.

I’ve been thinking about fashion quite a lot today — perusing Reddit, monitoring current fashion trends, and trying to think about how I would describe my style.

Aren’t clothes just a costume we wear as well? A way of displaying who we are, who we want to be, or, even, who we have to be? Are we buying clothes because we want to look a certain way or follow a certain trend, or are we buying clothes because we want to look our best?

When it comes to fashion, I used to be fascinated with trends and keeping up with “fast fashion.” Spending mostly on trend pieces and forgoing long-last I used to shop primarily at large retailers, where I bought clothes that were “cool” and “in,” only to never bring them out of my closet again next season.

I was reflecting on this quote by Yves Saint Laurent, a French fashion designer who introduced “le smoking,” or the male-inspired woman’s tuxedo in 1966. Pretty badass.

Yves Saint Lauren 1966

Researching Yves Saint Laurent made me realize how meandering fashion is and how long-lasting style is. Style is a persona, how you carry yourself, and how you show your true self. No one asks, “What’s your fashion?” Instead, they ask, “What’s your style?”

The female tuxedo suit is still a classic, timeless piece that many women today own. The piece is fashionable, but it’s also a piece of “classic style.” These versatile pieces are great staples many women own, but why? The classic piece took one giant step for women-kind, and it is still as chic today and it was then. And that’s what style’s all about.

I’ve seen plenty of clothes from stores that cost a small (or large) fortune, and I don’t even understand how the pieces are supposed to be worn. Not to mention, how are they worn? What goes where? I’ve bought pieces from inexpensive stores that I wear for years and years (and luckily, they survive all those washings). I also find it hard to resist buying something I truly love, even if it costs a little more than I’d like to spend. If I know that I’ll actually wear it and it’ll be worth the money, I’m willing to buy it. (Bonus: You can find some great staples at thrift stores, and I frequent Buffalo Exchange in Philadelphia more than any other store.)

Luckily, I don’t have to adhere to a dress code of any kind, but that doesn’t mean I don’t want to look professional in certain appropriate settings.

When I feel mopey and upset, I can instantly feel better by dressing myself up in one of my favorite outfits. And honestly, there’s nothing wrong with that.

What’s your take on fashion versus style? Leave me a comment below, or let me know on Facebook or Twitter!


Friday Favorites: Get The Boot!

I’m a flip-flop girl all summer long, but once fall rolls along, I need to start thinking about what I want in a pair of fall boots. Comfort, warmth, and style are all three necessities when buying a pair of boots. Buying a pair of new shoes is exhilarating, but not if you end up spending more money than your budget allows.

When I buy a good-quality pair of boots for the fall and winter, I wear them for years. Not to mention, I can wear them from September all the way through May.  When I used to purchase boots (or shoes in general), I didn’t think much about the material or the wearability of them; I would just buy cheap boots because they were inexpensive and I liked them. (Plus, what kind of college student has the funds to spend any money on boots? Ramen took precedence.)
Investing in a good pair of boots is my number one fashion recommendation. Your style may change often, but a pair of boots will always be fitting.  If you see a pair of boots that you think are too expensive, think about just how long they’ll last. (I’ve been wearing the same few pair of boots for years now.) Just like you invest in building up your wardrobe, invest in a pair of exceptional fall boots.



How to Dress for the Fall: Comfort and Versatility

Apples I picked in a bag

Apple cider, apple pie, and baked apples. What’s not to love about apples (and picking them yourself?) I love to hold onto every last bit of summer as long as possible, but as soon as late-September/October arrives, I’m ready to put on loose, crochet sweaters, a pair of cognac or black boots, and head out for some fall adventures.If you’re wondering how to dress for fall, look no further!

Whether I’m attending an exciting fall festival or whipping up another pumpkin recipe, I’m ready to embrace all that fall has to offer.

This past weekend, I went apple picking at Solebury Orchards in Bucks County and picked my own Fuji and Keepsake apples. I’ve been going there for years now, and I lucked out by choosing one of the best picturesque weekend to go.

I heard it through the apple-vine that apple picking is a great excuse to load up on heaps of apples and try and master a new recipe. (Or if you’re like me, eat all the apples before I can even start whipping up my other recipe ingredients.)

When I’m juggling (literally) a bag of apples, I want to feel as comfortable and relaxed as possible. I love dressing for the fall because I can wear as many boots, leggings, and sweaters as possible, which are the most comfortable staples a girl can own.

This past weekend apple picking, I wore a blouse from Swell, long black leggings from Forever 21, and cognac Steve Madden Shawny boots.

Fall fun

Fall Foliage

Single red leaf

October Weekend Adventures

Fall is about simplicity, so your outfit should be effortlessly chic as well.

What’s your go-to fall outfit? Leave me a comment below, or let me know on Facebook or Twitter!



Maura Lieberman Fashion Blog
Beauty, Fashion, Health

Why I Started a Style Blog

Who am I? Maura

What is this? My own personal blog, encompassing fashion, health, and beauty.

When? Now, whatever time it may be..

Where? Usually somewhere in Philly, (or down the rabbit hole)

Why? Because I spend so much time reading blogs and not writing my own ideas down!

So I made the blog leap. I’ve dabbled in having blogs before, but I never really went very far with them. I blogged when I studied abroad in Paris, I blogged when I wanted to post some of my writing, and I blogged when I needed to express how badly I needed to start doing yoga again. (Someday…)

I blogged for myself. I blogged for my family. I blogged for my friends.

I made a blog to discuss my love of fashion, beauty, and health. The result? “Reconstyles.” This blog is an outlet comprised of my favorite beauty products, natural recipes, and favorite fashion pieces. I want to  bring together my love of healthy foods, DIY natural beauty products, fashion, and make-up.

I am happiest (and feeling my best) when I make my own meals using ingredients of known origins. My love of wellness started when I first interned with a raw food author, and I was hooked ever since. From there came my love of DIY natural beauty products, timeless clothing pieces, and living a relaxed lifestyle.

I want fashion, beauty, and health to coexist.

I believe in natural beauty, simplicity, and a style that never gets outdated. Confidence starts from within, and I’m here to express myself, whether through concocting a face exfoliator using nothing but coffee grounds and olive oil, or finding recipes that are great for my body and wallet.

Style is about more than what you wear. Style is what makes your inner self visible, and that starts with healthy eats, natural beauty products, and of course, your favorite pair of boots.
Maura Lieberman In New Orleans