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January 2016


5 Ways to Keep Your New Year’s Resolutions in Check

new year's resolution

New year, new year’s resolutions? Eh, I talk, but it never goes further than, “I’m going to try and go to the gym more,” or, “I’m going to learn how to play this instrument,” etc. Sadly. My thing is: What do I really want to do this year that I didn’t (or couldn’t) do last year?

Research from 2015 actually suggests that approximately 50% of Americans make resolutions, while only 8% keep them. It’s a new year, so why do our new year’s resolutions go out the window?

Maybe we’re dreaming too big, or setting the bar too high. Maybe we just can’t shake our current situation and lose all hope by mid-January. (Let’s hope not!)

Have no fear! Keep your goals in check, and you’ll be reaching them in no time:

1. When It Comes to New Year’s Resolutions, Think Big Picture

New Year, New Goal

If your goal is to “be healthier,” how healthy do you want to be? Are you looking to be healthier to lose weight, or are you looking to be healthier for overall better health? If you have an exact goal in mind and think in terms of the big picture, you’ll be sure to know what you’re striving towards.

2. Don’t Punish Yourself

New Year's Resolution: Don't Punish Yourself

Slipping up happens, and nobody’s perfect (especially on weekends or when you’re under the weather.) If your goal in mind is to hit the gym three times a week, and one week you only go twice, don’t give it an “all-or-nothing” attitude and give up from there. It’s okay to not hit your goal every single week. What counts is that you’re putting an efforts towards your goal, instead of writing it down and forgetting to make it a reality.

3. Take Note of Your Progress

New Years Resolutions Track Progress

How are you going to figure out your progress if you haven’t been writing it down? If you’re trying to learn an instrument, write down which chords and notes you learned and when. If you’re trying to become a better dancer, write down your progress in a daily journal or on your computer. If you physically see the results and progress, you’ll be sure to keep up the hard work.

4. Get Friends and Family Involved

New year's resolutions: involve friends

Hey, isn’t everything more fun when you’re doing it with your friends? If you make it a joint effort, such as, “Save ‘this amount of money’ by the end of each month,” it can become a fun involvement to help both you and your friends/family become more financially savvy. (Of course the amounts you save don’t have to be the same!) Even if your actual goal is to spend more time with friends and family, then there’s no other way to do it than to involve your friends and family, themselves!

5. Reward Yourself

give yourself a reward for sticking to your new year's resolutions

Everyone likes rewards, especially when you’re able to personally give YOURSELF a reward! When you reach a benchmark, reward yourself, whether through treating yourself to dinner, a night out, or even just a day to relax and unwind. We all have goals, but even Olympic athletes need days off.

What are your new year’s resolutions? Let me know if a comment below!